Trophy Photo Catalog

A catalog of GRCA’s trophy collection, awarded to its members at the GRCA National Specialty. It includes a general description of how each trophy is earned and a small photo of the trophy. It is divided into two main categories: (1) Year-End Trophies awarded for cumulative accomplishments over a period of a year, determined at calendar year-end, and (2) National Specialty Trophies – for performance in competitive events at the GRCA National Specialty. Learn more now!

General Trophy Regulations

Regulations that cover a variety of related topics, such as criteria definitions, general eligibility requirements, trophy retirement, when damage occurs, and the addition of new trophies. Learn more now!

Individual Trophy Criteria

Some trophies are listed here in more detail, including such things as the past winners engraved on the trophy. Some include a larger photo than included in the Trophy Photo Catalog. Learn more now!