Member FAQs

Please READ below before contacting tech support.

We only accept Master Card and Visa.


I requested my password but don’t see the email.
Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the emailed password within a few minutes. To avoid this please add to your address book.

I wrote down my password but it doesn’t work.
At the end of each GRCA renewal period, some of the passwords are reset by the system. This means that you might need to click here: Receive Temporary Password to have your new password sent to you. Once logged in with this new password, you can reset your account to a new password of your choice inside the GRCA Member Profile area.

I made multiple requests for my password but can’t seem to login.
Many computers just reload a previous browsing screen. Please clear your cache and try again:’s-Cache.

Why can’t I change my User Name or Email?
For security reasons, only GRCA Technical Support can change your User Name or Email.

I am not sure if I already renewed my membership.
Need to check on your Membership Status? Click here for the Membership Administrator, Carol Sandusky.

I am still perplexed
For technical questions: contact GRCA Technical Support

Is there a better, more responsive web browser for the GRCA Website?
Please use: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera. . Please, do not use AOL browser to renew your account.

Where can I find HOT TOPICS?
Hot Topics can be found in the left hand menu after logging in.

How do I update my information?

  1. Log in and click on button on left for GRCA Member Profile
  2. Click on button called “Update GRCA Member profile”
  3. After you update your information, click “Update Profile Information”

How do I renew my membership?
After updating your account, click on the large GRCA Renewal button.

  1. Fill in your country
  2. Fill in single or family
  3. If you click family, a field will appear for you to enter another family member’s first name
  4. If you want the GR News to be delivered to you, then please be sure to check the box for GR News.
  5. If you check the GR News box, another field will appear for first class postage. If you would like that,please check that box.
  6. If you wish to add or renew a Kennel Listing, please write in the kennel prefix name. Please do not write “Goldens” or “Golden Retriever” after the prefix. Example: ACTIV is correct, ACTIV Goldens is incorrect.
  7. Please check the agreement box, review your page carefully, and then press “continue to payment.”
    Now you will be on a page that shows your purchases and that allows you to enter your credit card information.
    If you press the “Same as billing information” link, your information will be duplicated from the billing to the shipping information. If you have not checked the GR News box then you will not see the shipping information since you opted to not receive our beautiful magazine.
    Click the button at the bottom of that page
    The button reads: (Only Click Once) Please be patient for the system to process your Credit Card.
    You will receive an email receipt.