About GRCA

Officers and Contacts


GRCA Officers

President Jonathan Chase
Vice President – Eastern Region (Third VP) Chris Miele
Vice President – Western Region (First VP) Wendy Johnston
Vice President – Central Region (Second VP) Kurt Macauley
Secretary Janet Peacock
Treasurer Angela McLean
Director Western Region Scott Dalgleish
Director Western Region Roger Fuller
Director Central Region Karen Arbuthnot
Director Central Region Diane Cooper
Director Eastern Region Alison Webb
Director Eastern Region Ann Strathern

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant

Jolene Carey
P.O. Box 20434
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

Membership Administrator (including change of address and undelivered copies of the GRNews)

Carol Sandusky
680 Lake Vista Lane
Lavon, TX 75166

Committee Chairs

Committee Name Chairperson Board Liaison
Breed Education Committee Chair: Cindy Collins Diane Cooper
     Judges Ed Ainslie Mills Angela McLean
Jonathan Chase
     Breeder Ed Cindy Partridge Scott Dalgleish
     Member Ed Sharon Shilkoff Scott Dalgleish
     Field Ed  Andy Whiteley Roger Fuller
Breed Standard Marcia Schlehr Jon Chase
CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) Robin Bowen Chris Miele
Certificate Coordinator Edell Schaefer Kurt Macauley
Health & Genetics Ann Hubbs Ann Strathern
Legal Resource Committee Diane Stefani Jonathan Chase
National Rescue Committee Robin Sweeney Jonathan Chase
Nominating Committee Pat Hershman Janet Peacock
Public Education Margie Sarkin Wendy Johnston
Technology Committee Rich Anton Kurt Macauley
WC/WCX Rodger Armstrong Ann Strathern

Other GRCA Contacts

AKC Delegate Ellen Hardin Jonathan Chase
AKC Gazette Columnist Nona Kilgore Bauer Karen Arbuthnot
Archives Anne Shannon Chris Miele
Back Issues Agent Ann Strathern Ann Strathern
Club Banners Donna Morgan Claire Caro
Coordinator for the National Health Clinics and Education Seminars Mary Beth Konesky  Karen Arbuthnot
Kurt Macauley
Golden Retriever Foundation Collette Jaynes Jonathan Chase
GRNews Sylvia Donahey-Feeney Angela McLean
GRCA Store Kathy Sutiff Angela McLean
Chris Miele
Health & Genetics – Research Facilitator Rhonda Hovan Ann Strathern
Historian Marcia Schlehr Jonathan Chase
Internet Watchdogs Linda Bell Kurt Macauley
Junior Achievement Award Janet Peacock Janet Peacock
Kennel Prefix Listing Carol Sandusky Angela McLean
Legislative Liaison Barbara Reichman Diane Cooper
National Specialty Director Barbara Branstad (interim) Karen Arbuthnot
Kurt Macauley
Master Nat’l Assn. Delegate Roger Fuller Roger Fuller
NRC & NARC Delegate Roger Fuller Roger Fuller
New Member Clubs Janet Peacock Janet Peacock
Puppy Referral Coordinator Ellan Thorson Scott Dalgleish
Triathlon Coordinator Christy Thomas Kurt Macauley
Trophy Curator – National Don & Vickie Carson Ann Strathern
Trophy Curator – Regional Vickie Carson Ann Strathern
VC/VCX Recorder Edell Schaefer Kurt Macauley
Web Site Committee Rich Anton Kurt Macauley
Yearbook Shari Degan
Edell Schaefer
Alison Webb


Agility Statistician Miki Shannon Alison Webb
Agility HOF Statistician Mark Slevin Alison Webb
Conformation Statistician Jennifer Craig Alison Webb
Field Statistician Sue George Roger Fuller
OS/OD Statistician Noreen Sila Alison Webb
Obedience Statistician Helen Smith Alison Webb
Junior Show. Statistician Vacant Alison Webb
Show Dog Hall of Fame Statistician Jane Christy Alison Webb
Hunting Test Dog Hall of Fame (HTHF) Statistician Vacant Roger Fuller
Dual Dog Hall of Fame Statistician Christy Thomas Alison Webb

Public Information Officers

The following volunteers will provide written material covering the Golden Retriever breed:
Frank Andrews
(850) 877-4817
Marilyn Hartman
(920) 923-0198
Edell Schaefer
(262) 439-8690

The following volunteers will answer your questions over the phone:
Frank Andrews
(850) 877-4817
Pat Kelly
North Carolina
(336) 674-3570