Important! New OFA-ACVIM Advanced Cardiac Database (ACA)

From the GRCA Health & Genetics Committee New OFA-ACVIM Advanced Cardiac Database (ACA) The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine have recently implemented a new cardiac database with the primary purpose, as it relates to Golden Retrievers, of improving data collection regarding disease prevalence and progression.  Modeled after the […]

NEW!! The Hunting Test Hall of Fame Goldens

The Hunting Test Hall of Fame Goldens Introducing the Award Class of 2015, the following are the 34 Golden Retrievers who met the high standard required to become a member of the GRCA Hunting Test Hall of Fame. The Goldens featured here all have met the criteria of having 50 Master passes while competing in […]

Clinical Trial for Dogs with B Cell or T Cell Lymphoma

RNA-transfected CD40-B Cell Vaccines Study: Clinical Advancement of RNA-transfected CD40-B Cell Vaccine Technology for Cancer Therapy Study Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine whether repeat vaccinations with a cancer vaccine, made from your dog’s own immune cells (B cells), can prevent relapse of lymphoma when given following a standard 19-week course of […]

Juvenile Renal Dysplasia Study

Juvenile Renal Dysplasia (JRD) or Renal Dysplasia (RD) is an inherited condition affecting the developmental maturation of the kidney. The key clinical signs of JRD include (but are not limited to) excess water intake and urination from a young age (8 weeks to 2 years of age), and small, irregular-shaped kidneys observed by ultrasound examination. […]

Heritable Risk for Lymphoma and Hemangiosarcoma in Golden Retrievers

New Discovery Identifies Shared Genetic Risk Factors In June 2010, The Golden Retriever Foundation and Morris Animal Foundation entered into a partnership to jointly fund a major three-year, $1 million canine cancer initiative titled Discovery and Characterization of Heritable and Somatic Cancer Mutations in Golden Retrievers, or the MADGiC Project (Making Advanced Discoveries in Golden […]

Golden Retriever Genetic Diversity Project

The Golden Retriever Foundation is excited to announce that it has asked Josh Stern, DVM, PhD, Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD, and the research team in the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to develop a genetic diversity study of Golden Retrievers. The project will survey DNA from North American Goldens, […]

Clinical Trial for Dogs with B Cell Lymphoma or Leukemia

Re-directed Autologous T cell Therapy for drug resistant or refractory CD20+ B cell lymphoma Overview: In this approach, immune cells (known as T cells) are taken from the peripheral blood, genetically modified in the laboratory to express a receptor that recognizes B cells, and then expanded to produce large numbers of tumor specific T cells outside […]

Golden Retrievers Newly Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Veterinarians at the University of Missouri, Colorado State University, and Texas A&M University seek Golden Retrievers with a new diagnosis of lymphoma for an important research study. Goldens with lymphoma that has not yet been treated with chemotherapy or prednisone and who do not have elevated blood calcium may receive a diagnostic biopsy and flow […]