Hunt Test Hall of Fame

The Hunting Test Hall of Fame Goldens

Introducing the Award Class of 2015, the following are the 34 Golden Retrievers who met the high standard required to become a member of the GRCA Hunting Test Hall of Fame. The Goldens featured here all have met the criteria of having 50 Master passes (25 points) while competing in AKC Licensed Master Hunting Tests or of having a Master National Hunter title. Some Goldens have fulfilled both requirements.

They were awarded ½ a point for every AKC Licensed Master Hunting Test that they passed, or they qualified in three Master National Hunting Tests to earn the MNH title.

The HTHF Certificate will be handled in the same manner as that which is done for the OS/OD Certificate. The GRCA will collect the data and provide a certificate at the end of each year.

When you look over the credentials of these marvelous and exceedingly talented Goldens, you cannot help but be impressed with each and every one of them. Our applause and cheers go to these great Goldens and our appreciation to their owners for sharing them with us.

Date given is year whelped:

Hunting Test Hall of Fame — Class of 2015

1988 ­
Alpenglos Western Marshal MH51 MNH4 HTHF – Deanne Cooper  ­
Nealcrest Keep On Shining MH38 MNH3** OS HTHF – Lynne Neal Thomson­
Wahkiakum’s Red Man MH45 MNH3 WCX*** HTHF — Michael A. O’Hearne   ­
Gentleman Bailey Gun’N Gold MH26 MNH3 WCX** OS HTHF – Dave Baumgart    ­
Sungold Arizona Moss MH19 MNH3 HTHF – Sue & Greg Gintoff­
Brassfire’s Mustang Sally MH54 MNH3 WCX** OD HTHF – Chris Carlson-Braswell   ­
1995 ­
Topbrass Happy Camper MH69 WCX*** HTHF — Susan C. Kuch­
Ajax The Greater of McLean MH49 MNH5*** HTHF — Gayle Moore & Lanier Fogg­
Topbrass Shudabin A Cowboy UDX MH70 WCX OS HTHF – Sharon Long    ­
Topbrass Shining Sambuca CD MH54 MNH5 WCX*** HTHF – Michael A. & Barbara Bunting    ­
Resawood’s Premium Blend CD RN MH52 WCX*** CCA HTHF – Nancy Murillo   ­
High Times GLDNLCH Soul Shaker CDX MNH3 WCX*** HTHF — John & Nancy Miner­
Emberain Augustus of Triever MH72 MNH3*** HTHF — Roy & Joan Fray­
Emberain Lefty Lucy MH55 MNH3*** HTHF — Pat DeNardo Malmgren­
Timberline Magic Goldust CDX MH51 MNH3 WCX OD HTHF – Rod Krahmer­
2002 ­
Jackson Apollo MH33 MNH3** HTHF — Dan W. Mills & Beth Donaldson-Mills­
Satchabrat MH52 MNH3 OD HTHF – Sharon House and Doug Shade­
Buckshot’s Yukon Bontonbeau MH47 MNH3 WCX** HTHF — John & Mary Graf­
Kuventre Daddy Let Me Drive MH85*** OS HTHF – Sharon Long­
Riverwoods Heza Wild Game Keeper MH62 MNH3*** HTHF — John & Nancy Miner­
Aero-Jett Garden Party Kate CDX RA MH61 WCX OD HTHF – Carol Reed­
Real Gold Roxie Music To My Ears MH96 MNH3 WCX** OD HTHF CCA – Janet Wood­
Emberain Devil In Disguise MH59 MNH3 WCX*** HTHF — Ellie Green­
Brassfire’s Bayou Bombshell MH35 MNH3** HTHF — Robert & Ellen McNeill­
Escapade Punch MH50 WCX** HTHF — Carol Reed­
Emberain Ivy Gotta Go Hunting RN MH71 MNH4 WCX HTHF – Jerry L. & Judy A. Drum­
Choctaw’s Yukon Copper Penny MH61 MNH4 WCX**OS HTHF – John & Mary Graf­
Firemarks Bright Copper MH68 MNH4 WCX HTHF – Heidi & Dick Alef­
Ctrl Alt Del UD VER RAE MH50 OA OAJ OF WCX** VCX HTHF CCA – Megan Baker and Tom Lehr­
Topbrass Diesel MH29 MNH3 WCX HTHF – Rex H. Gibson­
Firemark’s Holy Terra MH54 MNH3*** HTHF — Patricia DeNardo­
Pc’s You’Re The One MH51 MNH4 WCX HTHF – Janet Wood­
2008       ­
Semper Austin Mini-Cooper BN MH53 MNH3 HTHF – Julie E. Cairns and Kathryn S. Quarles, DVM­
Big Horn Chasin’ Holway’s Gold MH31 MNH4 WCX HTHF — Keith & Kathleen Winch­
Hunting Test Hall of Fame 2016­
2005 ­
Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH50*** HTHF — Dave Boothman­
Sunfire’s Lacey of Notch Hill MH MNH HTHF –.Laurie& Chris Reynolds­
Topbrass DND Susquehanna Dreamcatcher UD MH50 OA OJP OD HTHF VCX CCA – Dora & Donald Heffelfinger­
Hi Top’s Sudden Impact VCD2 BN RE MH50 AXJ NF WCX** VC HTHF CCA — Carol Young­
Roux’s Steamin’ Red Hot Blues CDX RE MH50 AX AXJ OF WCX** HTHF CCA — Beth Sokohl­
You Have Got To Be Kidding CD RA MH50 NA NAJ NF CGC WCX*** HTHF — Beth Sokohl­
Hunting Test Hall of Fame 2017­
Magicgold’s Orient Express UDX OM1 GO VER MH WCX HTHF — Suzanne & Walter Mikolajcik­
Highroller Marshall Matt Dillon MH50 WCX** MNR HTHF CCA — Hilda Wood­
Adirondac’s Weebe Put’N A Hex On You CDX RE MH58 OA OAJ OF WCX** HTHF – Megan Baker and Tom Lehr­
Turbo Steam’N Twilight Dragon CDX MH50 QA2 WCX OD VCX HTHF CCA — Ron Rubrecht­
Roostin’ In The Fields of Magicgold UDX PCD OM1 BN GN RAE MH HTHF CGC — Catherine Darr­
Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH50 HTHF — David Boothman­
Reviewed 7-29-17­