GRCA National and Regional Specialties

GRCA Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC)

About the GRCA Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC is made up of former chairs of both Regional and National Specialties during recent years. Because these people have gone through all the stages of planning and conducting specialties, they are uniquely qualified to assist other clubs. Learn more now!

GRCA Regional Specialty Handbook

The Golden Retriever Club of America offers three Regional Specialties each year – one each in the Eastern, Central and Western regions. The purpose of holding Regional Specialties is to draw Golden fanciers from the Region together and to allow people who. Learn more now!

GRCA National Specialty Handbook

The purpose of the Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty (hereafter called the “National”) is to showcase all aspects of the Golden Retriever — as a show dog, as an obedience and tracking competitor, and as a companion in the field. To accomplish this. Learn more now!

Hosting a GRCA National Specialty

Download an application to host the National Specialty here.