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2018 Top Twenty Invitational

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Location: Purina Farms
Price: $75 for VIP Ticket
VIP Ticket includes VIP access, People’s Choice Ballot, catalog, inaugural event gift and bag, shampoo sample, light meal and dessert.
Tickets: Tickets will be available on August 14th at 11:00 AM Central Time [12-noon Eastern, 10:00 AM Mountain, or 9:00 AM Pacific] Ticket Info and Sales:


2018 Qualifiers

GCHS Amica And Blueprints Golden Road
Owners: J Andras/A Andras/M Nieman
Breeders: M Nieman/A Andras/J Andras
GCHB Amica + Blueprint Take Em By Storm DJ
Owners and Breeders: M Nieman/J Andras/A Andras
GCHS Bear Valleys Luciano Mi Tesoro RN CGCA TKI
Owner: K Briggs
Breeder: S Cobb
GCH Boca Golds Quarterly Dividends
Owners: M Whitney/C Gallagher/G Chu
Breeders: M Whitney/N Whitney/T Bradley
GCHS Flying Nico De Himmelstein
Owners: O Da Silva/N Barros Llona/R Gordon/J Hoffman
Breeders: O Da Silva/N Barros
GCHS Futura Lime Me Entertain You
Owner: T Prince
Breeders: J Knobbe/J Masterson
GCHB Goldtales Backwoods Barbie
Owner and Breeder: S Babich
GCHS Goodlifes Duff The Magic Drago
Owners: J Cahill/R Cahill/G Kincer
Breeder: J Cahill
GCHS Hi-Tides Island Of Love
Owners: A Farley/M Jorden
Breeders: M Jorden/D Jorden/M Simpson/J Piner
GCHS Hillocks Jack Daniels RA JH CA RATN CGC
Owners: T Tomlinson/J Cohen/R Samios
Breeders: L Cohen/J Cohen/T Tomlinson
GCHB Kingslandings Eastern Heroine
Owners: D Cai/P Jiang/Y Fan
Breeders: D Cai/P Jiang/M Miller
GCHP Micins Broxden Riesling To The Occasion CGC
Owners: L Fernandes/D Salow/K Foist/C Fisher/A Booth/J Ovalle
Breeders: C Fisher/A Booth/P Booth
GCHB Nocatee Wonderlands Stone In Love
Owners: V Gank/D Gank
Breeders: J Myers/L Napoli
GCHG Rush Hills See QWill To Golden Hills
Owners: C Meddaugh/M Aldeguer/T Struble
Breeders: T Struble/C Heisler
GCHB Scion Mr. Right For Cbear
Owner: M Lim
Breeder: P Simpson
GCHG Scion Special Addition
Owners: P Simpson/S Nordstrom
Breeders: P Simpson/P Wedding
GCH Summits Game Set Match CGC
Owner: B Cohen
Breeders: B Johnson/D Nobel/C Nobel
GCHS Summits I Can Cry If I Want To
Owners: B Johnson/G Dinges
Breeders: B Johnson/J Sedivec/K Sedivec/G Dinges
GCHG Sweetgold Double Down
Owners: K Anton/R Anton/J Dunbar
Breeders: K Anton/R Anton
Owner: C Blimline
Breeders: K Whipple/J Andras/A Andras
GCHB Tamarack Oughtabe The Mayor
Owners: J Cooper, D Cooper
Breeders: K Whipple/J Andras/A Andras
GCH Teddybears Rock Hudson RN JH CAX DJ
Owners: K Judisch/K Johnson Siegle
Breeder: K Johnson Siegle
GCHG Trilogys Under The Kilt
Owner and Breeder: L Murfitt

GRCA Top Twenty Invitational Rules **

Statistics and Eligibility:

A dog may win the Top Twenty Invitational Award just once.

If past winners of the Top Twenty Invitational qualify as below they will “not” be allowed to compete in the Top Twenty or People’s Choice Award. However, they will be invited back as “Exhibition Only” and the entry fee will be waived.

Qualifying dogs are those ranked in the Top 20 (breed or all-breed) AKC rankings as of December 31 of the previous year but did not receive an invitation to the Top 20 Invitational competition for that year, or ranked in the Top 20 breed or all-breed AKC rankings as of June 30 of the current year..

The Top 20 Invitational Qualifiers are determined by the AKC’s All-Breed and Breed Statistics. The reports are purchased from the AKC by the GRCA Top 20 Invitational Committee. When there is a tie(s) within the rankings, the committee will include the next eligible Dog(s).

Any dog that qualified and received an invitation to the Top Twenty Invitational the previous year, and was unable to attend the last year’s competition may show as *exhibition only* at this year’s competition even if such dog did not qualify in the current year. Dogs that did qualify for the current year will be eligible to compete as long as they have not previously won the Top Twenty Invitational.

To compete in this event, all owners and co-owners of finalists must be in good standing with the AKC at the time the invitations are extended and at the time of the event. All dogs must be eligible at the time of the event to compete in AKC events.

In order to eliminate any possible perception of impropriety, the following prohibitions will apply:


  1. A person listed on the slate of judges for the current year’s GRCA National Specialty Show, including Sweepstakes may not exhibit or have a dog exhibited in the GRCA Top Twenty Invitational that is owned or co-owned by the judge. The dog, if qualified, may be shown *exhibition only*.
  2. No dog that is owned, co-owned, or shown by a member of the GRCA Top Twenty Invitational committee, or a member of their family as defined in AKC rules can compete at the Top Twenty Invitational event. The dog, if qualified, may be shown *exhibition only*.

The GRCA Top Twenty qualifiers will be sent a GRCA Top Twenty Invitational invitation to participate in this event. There is an entry fee to be returned with the entry form and other required information accompanying the Top Twenty Invitational invitation by the noted deadline on the entry form.


There will be three (3) judges for the GRCA Top Twenty Invitational event. There will be one judge from each of the following three categories:

BREEDER JUDGE – an established Golden Retriever breeder who has bred Golden Retrievers for at least ten (10) years. The Breeder Judge must not own or co-own or have bred or co bred a dog in the GRCA Top 20 Invitational competition or its sire or its dam.

AKC MULTI-BREED JUDGE – a person approved by AKC to judge Golden Retrievers; not a breeder or owner of Golden Retrievers.

AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER BREEDER – approved by AKC to judge Golden Retrievers. This AKC judge must not own or co-own or have bred or co bred a dog in the Top Twenty Invitational competition or its sire or its dam.

Excluding from judging this event:

  1. Any person actively serving on the GRCA Top Twenty Invitational Committee including family members.
  2. Any person who has previously judged a GRCA Top Twenty Invitational event in any of the three categories in the past seven (7) years.

Updated 8/9/18 JHM-Chair

** these rules may not be changed without the approval of the Golden Retriever Club of America