2018 GRCA Top 20

Good News!

As announced last week, the GRCA Board has been actively working on a Top 20 solution. We want to inform you quickly that the GRCA Board voted yesterday to officially form a new GRCA committee to create a new event to be called the GRCA Top 20 Invitational.

This GRCA committee will be chaired by Julie Matney and members will be Deb Hubbard, Maryke Nau, Deb Ramsey and Suzanne Rapier.

We are excited to work on this inaugural GRCA event and here are are a few details already known:

Venue:  Purina Farms in St Louis, the location for the 2018 GRCA National will be the venue for the GRCA Top 20 Invitational. Purina Farms is a world class event center and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them and the St Louis host club.

Date: Save this date! This year, it will be Thursday, October 4th after the GRCA 2018 National day events conclude.  We are working on a full program schedule so more to follow on an exact time!

Ideas, Suggestions and How to Volunteer: We know you all are super creative, innovative and want to help on this inaugural event! Please contact any committee member so we can listen learn and build our help needed list. Facebook is the best way to reach any of us but if you prefer an email or call just message us and we will make ourselves available in the best ways possible!

You can help us by sharing, sharing, sharing to get the word out. Stay tuned for future announcements on the GRCA Facebook page and web site!

Julie Matney, Deb Hubbard, Maryke Nau, Deb Ramsey and Suzanne Rapier
GRCA Top 20 Invitational Committee